Aaron Benito y Maxim Condurachi by Pascual Ibañez

Fashionably Male

Aaron Benito y Maxim Condurachi001Aaron Benito y Maxim Condurachi002Aaron Benito y Maxim Condurachi003Aaron Benito y Maxim Condurachi004Aaron Benito y Maxim Condurachi005Aaron Benito y Maxim Condurachi006Aaron Benito y Maxim Condurachi007Aaron Benito y Maxim Condurachi008Aaron Benito y Maxim Condurachi009Aaron Benito y Maxim Condurachi010Aaron Benito y Maxim Condurachi011Aaron Benito y Maxim Condurachi012Aaron Benito y Maxim Condurachi013

Photographer Pascual Ibañez unveils his latest work for an exclusive. A portrait study featuring models in Valencia, strong faces come together as Aaron Benito and Maxim Condurachi from Moises Creative MGT sit for photos. Assistant Photographer by Cristian Lázaro, the boys wear minimal looks from local designers for a series of stunning portrait images.
Models: Aaron Benito y Maxim Condurachi (moisescreativemgt.com)
Photographer: Pascual Ibañez (www.pascualibanezphotographer.com)
Assistent photographer: Cristian Lázaro

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