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Fashionably Male

modus vivendi underwear farmer line 01modus vivendi underwear farmer line 02modus vivendi underwear farmer line 03modus vivendi underwear farmer line 04modus vivendi underwear farmer line 05modus vivendi underwear farmer line 06Modus Vivendi underwear tailor line 01Modus Vivendi underwear tailor line 02Modus Vivendi underwear tailor line 03Modus Vivendi underwear tailor line 04Modus Vivendi underwear tailor line 05Modus Vivendi underwear tailor line 06Modus Vivendi released two new lines just in time before Christmas. The Farmer line includes twelve new items all of them featuring a new waistband with transparent stripes and evolutionary underwear design specifically made to boost your “confidence" like no other underwear can. They come in three different cuts, briefs, boxers and jocks and four colours, classic black and white, royal blue and hot red.
The Tailor line is a new line of unique loungewear, all made of soft velvet. It is a line inspired by retro athletic wear. Check out the retro athletic shorts, the sleeveless velvet jacket with hood, or the soft velvet dressing gown among many other items, new or some of your favourites back in stock.
The models for this campaign are Lambros Danas posing as the Farmer and Sotiris Thomaidis posing as the Tailor.

One more update from our brand! Our Calendar for 2013 is…

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